APMC2017 – Asia Pacific Microwave Conference

Ahmad Samingan
Telekom Research & Development, Malaysia

IND 3: IoT Industry 3
Room, Time & Date: ROOM 02 | 14:40 – 15:00 | Wednesday, 15 November 2017


NB-IoT: Towards Future Digital World

Abstract: Looking towards future, one could expect more and more influence of technology on people living. Reliance on heavy cloud-based analytics powered by massive deployment of sensors is quickly becoming a reality. In this respect, efficient and cost effective IoT network is indispensable in order to ensure excellent user experience and profitable investment to the technology players and network providers. To date, there exist several candidates to fulfil the demand for IoT, notably LoRa is the most popular one. Almost all IoT network candidates are using the unlicensed ISM band, which … However, the unlicensed band could potentially pose reliability and scalability issues to the networks, hence affecting user experience. Furthermore, a brand new network infrastructure has to be deployed nationwide, which leads to higher Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operation Expenditure (OpEx). Considering this landscape, 3GPP has crafted a brand new standard specially for IoT applications. This fresh-from-oven standard, the Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), has just been released in Jun 2017 and promised to connect up to 50,000 Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT devices per km2. The new standard can tolerate up to 20dB more degradation compared to ordinary LTE system, which allows the system to penetrate more concrete walls reaching the intended devices. This session will introduce this technology as future-proof network for IoT services. Its unique key features, promises and target use cases will be illustrated balanced with practical issues and challenges that are affecting its adoption. Finally, sharing on our recent activities on NB-IoT technology will provided.