APMC2017 – Asia Pacific Microwave Conference

Mahan Rudd
Altair & RMIT, Australia

IND 1: Special Session Microwave Industry 2
Room, Time & Date: ROOM 02 | 09:20 – 09:40 | Wednesday, 15 November 2017


FEKO Applications for High Frequency Simulation

Abstract: Using high frequency simulation tools is prevalent these days, and now they are an inevitable part of any innovation in antenna and microwave engineering. Hardly any design and fabrication project can be found which did not incorporate computer simulation at some stages. Evolution of computer hardware, on the other hand, has provided extremely powerful computational resources which enabled application developers to implement rigorous computational techniques. FEKO, part of Altair’s HyperWorks® suite is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool for the electromagnetic field analysis of 3D structures. It offers multiple state-of-the-art numerical methods for the solution of Maxwell’s equations, enabling its users to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems encountered in various industries. FEKO’s multiple solution techniques make it applicable to a wide range of problems for a large array of industries. Typical applications include analyses of horns, radiation patterns & hazard zones, wire, reflector, conformal, and broadband antennas, microstrip patches, arrays, antenna placement & design. Analyses related to EMC (including shielding & cable coupling), RCS (scattering problems), waveguide structures (RF components), SAR extraction (Bio-electromagnetics), and multiple dielectric layers (Radomes). This talk will provide an overview of FEKO and its application. A brief introduction to computational electromagnetic will be provided and FEKO applications will be presented in different areas. Each application will be discussed by presenting a case study. Simulation results will be presented for each case, and they will be compared to available measured data.