APMC2017 – Asia Pacific Microwave Conference

Mohanraj Soundara Pandian
Silterra, Malaysia

IND 2: Special Session Microwave Industry in Malaysia 3
Room, Time & Date: ROOM 02 | 12:00 – 12:20 | Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Monolithic MEMS on CMOS Devices- Enabling Integrated Microwave, RF and Wireless Sensing Applications

Abstract: Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) generally refers to devices with miniaturized moving elements. The moving elements could be physical structures or sound waves, microwaves or radio frequency waves or fluids or photons. The movement is initiated by either electrical or physical stimulus and sensed by electrical stimulus. The electrical stimulus is provided to the MEMS devices by a conventional semiconductor CMOS devices (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). The ever growing wireless, communication and sensor industries, demands the MEMS devices to include multitude functionality within a single device and yet no compromise on power consumption, form factor and cost of the devices. The logical approach would be to integrate MEMS and CMOS devices in a single substrate. This presentation will address the challenges in this field and introduce SilTerra’s MEMS on CMOS monolithic platform. Devices with frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 5 GHZ will be presented and potential applications of these devices will be discussed.